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The structure of domestic gas for domestic gas range cooker in general by the burner, an ejector, an ignition device, a gas supply pipeline of four parts. Specific include: large / small fire cover, a pot frame, an air inlet joint, water wheel, rubber ring, a valve body, a furnace head, a knob switch, panel, nozzle, air inlet pipe, an air door, supporting feet, a pulse igniter, a piezoelectric ceramic ignition device, electromagnetic valve, flameout protection device etc..

1 air tightness: from the gas entrance to the gas valve under the pressure of 4.2kPa, the amount of leakage is less than or equal to 0.07L/h.

2 thermal efficiency: desktop foci: = 55%, embedded stove: = 50%

3 carbon monoxide (CO) content: less than or equal to 0.05% (the theory of air coefficient =1)

The 4 air intake mode: aspirant wind, into the wind, all inlet etc.

5 flameout protection: the new GB (GB16410-2007) regulations, all stove flameout protection device to install.