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Korea ordinary housewife invention of kitchen

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2014-9-20  Views: 1768

According to the South Korean "Korean Daily News" website reported on August 19th, 12 this month, park Geun hye president held a trade and investment in the revitalization of the JMGreen Chong Wa Dae will, on behalf of Li Zhengmei (sound) to be invited to participate in the meeting, and on the small and medium sized enterprises difficulty about their opinions. Three years ago, Li Zhengmei was an ordinary housewife, she used her creativity to develop life in the kitchen supplies, after many difficulties to become a successful business woman entrepreneur.

Li Zhengmei said in an interview: "I have always been afraid what, also do not have what to do. But let me tell you two minutes in front of the president, but trembling and tension."

Li Zhengmei's idea is one kind is called "Al al I ssok" refrigeration appliance. The inspiration for Li Zhengmei in 2010, when cooking ingredients found will be frozen out calmly out very inconvenient. "Al al I ssok" is not what special place in appearance, but the bottom using a plastic material, even in the minus still soft. As long as from the bottom pressure, frozen food can easily calm with out.

The creativity into products is not easy, to find both soft, hard bottom material and in the installed a lot of things is not falling. After the failure of the dozens of times, the method of polyethylene material is stuck at the bottom of the container is the ultimate test of success. Li Zhengmei said, "I think this can solve the inconvenience of housewives, attempts are being made to do business ideas in after receiving the patent".

Lee to female Invention Association and the Ministry of knowledge economy (industrial and trade resources department now) and other places the letter after get aid, create new products. "Al al I ssok" in the online shopping mall is a debut by housewives welcome. Mothers of the products in weaning food frozen and relaxed after take out to eat this point reacted strongly. Li Zhengmei responded by saying "my mother's heart, moms know best".

Although the start in the business of sales in 2011 to 40000000 won (about RMB 220000 at the time), but in the second year sales reached 400000000 won (about RMB 2200000), last year rose to 700000000 won (about 4000000 yuan). Although the Li Zhengmei company began a person only, but imperceptibly has increased 8 staff. In 2012 Li Zhengmei company's products not only won the "patent growth Award" in the female Invention Exhibition review meeting, also adopted the FDA (the Federal Food and Drug Administration) safety check.

Li Zhengmei (sound) is preparing a "successful era represent second act", is to open the way to export efforts. Recently sent Japanese companies import the invitation, Li Zhengmei's company was sent running. In addition has been determined in the WAL-MART brand USA (online store). As the "subsequent product al al I ssok", JMGreen has developed the chopping board can prevent the soup flowing. Li Zhengmei said "try to solve the inconvenience of daily life, thinking about thinking will come very naturally to obtain the inspiration. Although I experienced a lot of difficulties, but still went today. The world as long as you work hard to do, as it will open the way".