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Cabinet Cleaning Tips

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The kitchen is easy to breed the lampblack, long-term use of the kitchen will make every corner covered with particles. The cupboard is no exception, and the lampblack looks very clear, very difficult to get rid of. So, have what method can get rid of the dirt, maintenance cabinet, make the kitchen looks bright as new? Below small make up together and learning.

The 1 mesa keep dry resistant, fire board, compact table to avoid long-term water immersion, prevent surface plastic deformation. To prevent water bleaching agent and scale the man-made stone mesa color becomes shallow, the influence is beautiful.

2 prevent the intense chemical comes in contact with the table top, paint agent, metal cleaning agent, cleaning agent, the Ya Jiaji stove chloride, acetone (to nail oil), strong acid detergent, if accidentally contact with the above items, immediately with plenty of soap and water washing surface. If contact with nail oil cleaning agent does not contain acetone (such as alcohol wipe, and then water).

3 don't make heavy or sharp objects directly hit the surface, do not let the heavy or sharp objects directly impact surface, oversized or overweight ware not long time placed above the table; do not rinse with cold water immediately after scalded with boiling water.

4 timely cleaning, with soap and water or a cleaning agent containing ammonia components (such as detergent wash), for scale, can the furring and then use dry cloth to wipe with a wet cloth.

5 reasonable treatment for scars, marks, burn marks and scratches, if the surface requirement is Matt, available 400~600 sandpaper polished until the mark disappear, then use the detergent and cleaning cloth restitution. If the cabinet surface is mirror, to use 800~1200 sandpaper polished, and then use the polishing wax and wool polishing lap polishing, use a clean cotton cleaning table. A small scar with dry dishcloth dips in edible oil to wipe the surface can be.

Different reasons make mesa with more scratches, or due to the use of longer (1~2) affect the appearance, can ask a professional technical staff to carry out professional treatment.