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Kitchen supplies enterprise development road

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Advocate the kitchen culture South Korean companies -- LOCK&LOCK company was founded in 1978. LOCK&LOCK to 4 surface embedded new concept of "LOCK&LOCK" seal the container and kitchen supplies, exported to the world more than 110 countries and regions, to become a global enterprise.

LOCK&LOCK in addition to plastic products, has now launched a porcelain, glass, stainless steel and other materials of the kitchen supplies; began to develop a set of kitchen appliance brand in the field of professional brand from a sealed container. At the same time, devote a considerable portion of sales to research and development of new product projects each year, a year can produce more than 700 kinds of new products.

In Chungnam asan operates LOCK&LOCK production plant and automation logistics center. While in a foreign country, a period of Chinese Weihai factory in 2004 October completed and in the same year the beginning of 11, the products are exported to Europe and America market. In order to cope with the accelerated growth of export demand, LOCK&LOCK later in Chinese pill hill and Suzhou and the construction of the two and the three period of the factory.

Comprehensive development at home and abroad LOCK&LOCK company in line with "environmental and human oriented" enterprise LOCK&LOCK company for the realization of "in 2020 to become the world's first kitchen necessities brand enterprises" target, already entered the Chinese, Vietnam, Thailand and India and other countries of the super city marketing. In order to enter the market with a population of 1300000000 Chinese, LOCK&LOCK company in Shanghai in 2004 to set up business institutions with legal person status. After Beijing and Shenzhen have also established business institutions, and set up a branch in Chinese 24 city. Only a year in 2012 Chinese area sales have accounted for the total global sales of LOCK&LOCK 51%, completed in about 260000000000 yuan (won) the business income.

Enter the Chinese market two years later, in 2006 August to carry out the "fourth Chinese market brand consumer satisfaction survey", LOCK&LOCK products in the household goods -- access to food preservation products in the rating of first. After 2007-2011 years, LOCK&LOCK for 5 consecutive years and Nike, Philips international brands together won the "Shanghai popular brand" award. Market survey results show that (900 subjects): come out in front in Beijing, LOCK&LOCK Shanghai, Guangzhou China fresh-keeping box product brand awareness, Shanghai is as high as 99% brand recognition.

In 2007 May, LOCK&LOCK was selected for the China Sports Bureau designated the official sponsor enterprises, with the top brand in the world together is designated as the designated products Chinese national team.

LOCK&LOCK is now in the China has more than 100 straight battalion store and more than 7000 channels of circulation (including chain stores), the future through the two or three line of the city expansion of chain stores in order to consolidate the huge consumer market of 1300000000 people.

Jin Junri representative director:

Chinese is a joint development partner LOCK&LOCK representative director Jin Junri recently accepted an exclusive interview with Seoul in South Korea, the following is the interview record.

Q: why was selected as the most trusted kitchen products?

Answer: in 2013 May, LOCK&LOCK won the "urban housewife" award "2012~2013 China women's most trusted kitchen brand" title, one of the reasons for winning this can be said to be the LOCK&LOCK used glass quality.

LOCK&LOCK adopts heat-resistant glass is different from the general strengthened glass or glass making tableware, it is safe to use drastic changes occurred in the oven and electromagnetic oven temperature conditions without fear of reliable products or spontaneous rupture. Heat resistant glass than tempered glass production cost is high, the production process is complex, but in the consumer safety as a priority business philosophy that LOCK&LOCK has always been keen on making products with heat-resistant glass. At the same time, the high quality of heat-resistant glass products LOCK&LOCK not only in the aspect of safety performance is excellent, in actual use process whether it is food storage or to use as the dishes are very practical and convenient, so it has been loved.

Q: how to enhance the brand awareness is?

Answer: LOCK&LOCK company in the field of Chinese sealed container ministry belongs to Chinese enterprise brand research center of the implementation of the "2013 China brand influence index" absolute superiority to two consecutive first. In the South Korean TV drama "Dae Jang Geum" Ms. Liang Meijing starred in the Han Palace as a corporate spokesman, LOCK&LOCK's brand awareness is rising sharply.

Now, in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities but also to more than 95% brand awareness has become one of the most loved by consumers. LOCK&LOCK has become synonymous with a fresh keeping box.

Q: China consumers reason?

Answer: the main reason is the quality of the products. Hold 4 surface embedded sealed container of the invention patent, the use of South Korean imports of PP raw material for the production of high quality plastic fresh-keeping box. In addition to the fresh-keeping box outside the product expansion to the field of seasoning products, kitchen storage box, bathroom supplies, from a sealed container brand to integrated lifestyle brands and professional to infant supplies, LOCK&LOCK is committed to the production to ease the use of the ages Chinese consumer products.

Q: why do you want to hold a "green restaurant"?

Answer: LOCK&LOCK firmly uphold the principle of reducing disposable product use and real waste of purpose, "green restaurant" activities held in June 5th each year the environment day, "spring" and so on Chinese well-known restaurants held free LOCK&LOCK fresh-keeping box activities to the customer, convenient consumer leftover food home.

Q: participate in social welfare activities?

Answer: LOCK&LOCK will continue to fulfill the corporate social responsibility in 2004 to enter the market early China, including poverty funded primary school education facilities and all kinds of sports