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How to run their own kitchen supplies store

Text: [Big] [middle][small] Release date: 2014-9-24  Views: 1608

How to operate their own kitchen and bathroom products, now a lot of people have their own kitchen and bathroom products shop or investment or to join, but how in the kitchen and bathroom products market head angle, now will give you two suggestions, so everyone on how good a kitchen and bathroom products shop to make money more method.

How to make their own kitchen goods store money -- equal and eliminate trend with the strength of the all electric brand and international brand attention to small household electrical appliances business and get to the core of the track, and small home appliances professional talents especially high-level talent transfer, small kitchen appliances business plate will enter the specialization, systematization, brand of the operation, to compete for more market share, relying on the capital advantage and development advantage, will be gradually eliminated the strength of a number of relatively weak, the lack of R & D and cost advantages and market network management advantages of small enterprises. Rich water of small kitchen appliances and the lack of a rare situation real strong brand, will make this increasing. Specialization, systematization, brand operation will bring the channel coordination (Outside the Box can borrow jade, just past 2003, home has many 130 air conditioning enterprises be eliminated. At the beginning of 2004, and more than 100 air-conditioning brand has been difficult in the market to see its trace. Investigate its reason, there are many in the channel area is closed off), kitchen small appliances in the next few years will gradually appear equivalent elimination trend.

How to make their own kitchen goods store money -- the importance of brand positioning of the present trend of small kitchen appliances mostly pay attention to product function and less concerned about the brand, while its to rise will gradually from the chaos to stable, should not only advocate the small kitchen appliances and quality of life are closely related, more want to advocate a way of life, in order to attract consumers concern and sympathy, to recommend new product categories, no resonance consumers won't pocket. To meet the needs of different consumer groups of flavors and different life style communication, improve the image of brand positioning and purification of vice brand will be an important work, on the basis of "brand image", "the function of the product", "the appearance of the product", "price" and "after sale service" com. will be the next the pivotal stage of small kitchen appliances. The establishment of this advantage resource advantage, management advantage, cost advantage of combining research, market network, it is easy to cause the business to your brand enthusiasm to more market share.